Founder's Message

The vision of  Royal Investment Holdings (RIH) is to connect companies,  governments, and indvidual to global development opportunities by ensuring that the needs of the clients within the service industry culminate through synergetic partnerships that trancend business relations. 

Through our cultural diversity and strict implementation of these disciplines, we are able to excel and strive beyond traditional expectations. We are here to serve and grow together as one unified entity; in serving each other we become one. That is a motto which I strongly believe in.

The core principles behind this ideal serve not just the interests of the client, service industry, and our mission and vision; but all parties involved. It is a balance of life and most importantly in this day and age, it is paramount to the survival of business entities and future generations that seek to improve the world on a global scale.

I pledge myself and all interests of the company to serve the betterment of the world by forging lasting business relationships.

Ali A. Alghannam

Founder & CEO