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RIH In partnership with Borker Online Exchange is proud to announce our UTILITY SAVINGS PROGRAM

Royal Investment Holdings RIH In partnership with Broker Online Exchange is proud to announce our UTILITY SAVINGS PROGRAM designed to offer our valued commercial clients GUARENTEED SAVINGS on monthly electricity & gas bills.

Here at Royal Investment Holdings RIH offers ourcustomers the most comprehensive and efficient way to purchase electricity & gas. We provide the most comprehensive and competitive electricity & gas pricing available in the market, guaranteed to reduce your utility costs, and satisfy your energy needs with confidence that you are getting the best deal available in the market. 

During the procurement process, we will:

  • Analyze your current energy usage. The process can be started with just a copy of your most recent utility bill.
  • Scour the energy supplier market to obtain available energy pricing and products.
  • Analyze products, pricing, terms, and conditions provided by energy suppliers.
  • Discuss and recommend the best combination of attributes that fits your energy needs.
  • Obtain, review, and prepare all the necessary paperwork and oversee the transition to your new supplier.

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Utility Savings Program Overview

How We Do it



Through our partnership with Broker Online Exchange, we are able to access the most comprehensive pricing and market intelligence offering available in the retail energy industry.



Utilizing sophisticated technological innovations, and the deepest connections in the energy industry, Broker Online Exchange has a powerful network of over 90 suppliers throughout all deregulated markets. They have instant access to over a million transactable price points, as well as the ability to custom price any load size or shape.


Their complimentary rate analysis service, enables them to accurately assess your energy spend and offer significant savings by scouring their vast network of over 90 suppliers across all deregulated markets, and procuring the supplier, product, and rate that best meets your need and saves you money. 

Energy Choice

What is deregulation / choice?

Until a few years ago, customers had absolutely no control over their utility bills. Your local utility chose who to buy your energy from and delivered it to your business. At the time, the state set a fair price the utility could charge and sometimes this worked but sometimes it meant you didn’t always get the best rate. Energy deregulation / choice is where some states have allowed customers to purchase their energy (electricity and natural gas) from alternative energy suppliers rather than just being forced to buy from their local utility company. The benefit is that the consumer now has competitive markets rather than a regulated monopoly setting the prices.